The Attractions

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Be ready for a chaotic boat trip through the Caribbean ! You'll witness the conquest of a Spanish fort by clever pirates and various fight scenes that look incredibly realistic. Warning : you might get a little wet and some children could be frightened.
The attraction Pirates of the Caribbean actually inspired the movies of the franchise, not the other way around ! The waiting line is full of impressive details, especially around the boarding area, whose dim lights and palm trees are a truly breathtaking sight !

Indiana Jones Et Le Temple Du Péril
This rollercoaster takes you to the heart of a decaying temple in the middle of the jungle. The temple is protected by hundreds of plants and trees, but also huge lions and cobras carved into heavy stone.
Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril (the Temple of Danger), which opened in 1993, is the only ride in Disneyland Paris with an outside loop. Its mad rush was even more frightening from April 2000 to November 2004, because it was done backwards !

Le Passage Enchanté D'Aladdin
In the heart of Adventureland's Bazaar, this walkthrough attraction makes you rediscover Aladdin's story through beautiful dioramas, which are all very faithful to Disney's masterpiece. There are nine scenes, including the famous fight between Jafar and Aladdin.
It opened in November 1993 in an attempt to increase the number of attractions in the park, but to this day, it remains unknown to many guests. So if you want to find it, you have to go through the Palace of Agrabah's Sultan, Jasmine's father.

La Cabane Des Robinson
At the end of Adventure Isle, you will find a huge artificial tree. You are welcome to climb its stairs, to find out what living as an explorer after a shipwreck is like ! The big wheel is there to transport water to the top of the tree.
This tree is divided in proper rooms, such as the kids' room, the kitchen, and even a living room ! It is 27 meters high (88 ft), and if the weather allows it, this is the perfect height to see the Eiffel Tower, even though it is 47 km (29 miles) away !

La Plage des Pirates
This playground, which opened in 1999, is divided into two trails, one for the youngest guests, and one for children who are 7 to 10 years old. Warning : it only opens if the weather allows it.
La Plage des Pirates (the Pirates' beach) turns children into true explorers for a day ! Your small pirates will also enjoy a perfect view on Captain Hook's Galleon !

Adventure Isle
Despite its misleading name, this attraction is actually not one, but two different islands, connected to one another by a hanging bridge. A web of underground corridors starts under the impressive Skull Rock, and goes all the way to the Robinson family's hut.
Adventure Isle is Tom Sawyer Island's Parisian cousin, and makes up the center of Adventureland. Captain Hook's Galleon, lakes and rocks are the signature look of the island. Two characters from the movie Up are lost in there somewhere...try and find them !