The Attractions

Armageddon : Les Effets Spéciaux
Inspired by the movie Armageddon (1998), this ride recreates the making of a scene, a brand new one, where you get to play background characters ! You will experience fantastic special effects, live !
Armageddon can be found in studio 7. This ride is an incredible opportunity to see what's behind the scenes and to be close to impressive devices which create a true waterfall of special effects. We guarantee you won't know what's real or not anymore !

Rock'N'Roller Coaster
This unique ride can only be found in two Disney parks around the world ! Rock'n'Roller Coaster pays tribute to classic rock music as it broadcasts the best of the band Aerosmith during the ride.
It was the only coaster in Walt Disney Studios when the park opened in 2002. It has three reversing systems during its course through the music. And of course, it is all about speed : you go from 0 to 91 km/h (or 57 miles/h) in a few seconds, right at the start of the ride !

Moteur Action ! Stunt Show Spectacular
Have you ever dreamt that you could witness the making of a spectacular action movie, full of impressive stunts ? Well, this show might be your one chance to see that dream come true !
In a decor that evokes the south of France, professional stunt doubles are showing off their amazing skills just to stun you. Car race, burning man, and many more...keep your eyes wide open !