The Attractions

Orbitron - Machines volantes
As soon as you step inside Discoveryland, you will be drawn to two attractions, just like all the guests before you. One of them is Orbitron ! It is pretty similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, as it allows to fly, aboard one of its twelve rocketships.
When the Park first opened, this attraction was unique, but it has been replicated ever since. There are various planets and celestial elements that decorate the upper part of Orbitron. The ride also gives you an interesting view on Discoveryland !

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
This attraction opened in 2005, to replace the Visionarium, which was well-liked but outdated. Now, you get to enjoy Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, which is a very unique dark-ride in Disneyland Paris.
The concept is pretty simple : use your laser pistol to shoot moving targets everywhere around you, and try to score as many points as possible ! The goal is, of course, to do better than your opponent. To infinity and beyond....shoot !

Arcade Alpha Et Arcade Beta
The Arcade Bêta, where time seems to have stopped decades ago, gives guests a chance to play traditional arcade games in the same ambiance as old arcade places. You will need money to play, so pay attention to the prices.
The Arcade Alpha is where future young Padawans train, before they display their impressive abilities on stage at Videopolis, for the Jedi Training Academy ! You can find more information about the show here :

HyperSpace Mountain
Space Mountain Mission 2 has retired and the attraction now takes inspiration from the famous Star Wars adventures and new intergalactic thrills await you !
The canon sends you to the opposite side of the universe, at the heart of a battle bewteen the Rebels and the Empire's army for a brand new, breathtaking and staggering experience between Destroyers and X-wings !

Les Mystères Du Nautilus
Everyone knows, more or less, Jules Verne's famous Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, an extraordinary novel written by a gifted visionary. Pick a room in Captain Nemo's big submarine and get ready for an amazing adventure !
Ever since July 1994, guests are able to visit the famous submarine by foot, walking through six different rooms. Beware, the attack of the sea monster might startle and scare young guests.

Taking inspiration from a Disney movie called Magic Highway, Autopia lets you climb aboard a futuristic car for a fun, fast trip that only the best drivers get to enjoy !
You must be at least 81 cm tall (2.6 ft tall) to be allowed in a car. There are four tracks and 120 vehicles. This attraction's opening hours depend on the weather and cars might smash into one another occasionally.

Disneyland RailRoad - Discoveryland Station
This train station, located bewteen Fantasyland Station and Main Street Station, opened in 1993, one year after the park first opened. It was built on the roof of Star Tours, Star Traders and Discoveryland Theater.
Climb aboard one of the four trains with their steam locomotives, that go around the whole park (the Georges Washington, the C.K. Holiday, the W.F. Cody and the Euréka) for a truly magical trip!

Star Tours : L'aventure Continue
Your attention please : all passengers must be ready for new space flights with this brand new version of Star Tours, updated for the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris !
L' « Aventure continue » (the adventure must go on) offers 70 combinations of possible trips, from Jakku ruins to the frozen Hoth...and every single adventure is in breathtaking 3D quality !

DiscoveryLand Theater : Path Of The Jedi
Ever since July 2015, this « active » cinema broadcasts film scenes or animated short films from different Disney productions (LucasFilms, Marvel, Pixar....) in 4D ! Make sure you take a look at the program !
Starting on the 7th of May 2017, come and discover Path of the Jedi, an interesting way to relive the best moments of the intergalactic Star Wars franchise ! A brand new experience !