The Attractions

Disneyland Railroad - Main Street Station
At the Disneyland Park’s entrance, right after the Disneyland Hotel, you will find a superb train station which enables you to quickly reach all the lands of the park. Embark on one of the four trains and experience a totally exotic adventure !
You have to know that this train station is the most impressive of the four train stations of Disneyland. It is teeming with details, such as a huge clock and very beautiful staircases.

Main Street Vehicles
Right after you cross the train station, an ochre coloured building houses an original attraction. Indeed, lots of vehicles – from a bygone era – can carry you to the bottom of the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
Thanks to this attraction, you will have another point of view on Main Street USA and it will drive you directly to the heart of the Park ! These vehicles are also used during some special events with Disney characters.

Horse-Drawn Streetcars
Like Main Street Vehicles, this attraction leads you directly to the heart of Disneyland, as you cross Main Street aboard an ancient tramway pulled by a horse.
A total change of scenery awaits you and will make you feel as if you went back in time, to the beginning of the 20th century. Warning : this attraction is not available during the various Disney Parades which give life to Main Street.

Liberty Arcade - Statue Of Liberty
Due to the unfriendly weather that regularly causes rain on Disneyland Paris, it was necessary to build something which can act as a shelter on Main Street. The idea was to build a covered gallery alongside the shops and restaurants : the Liberty Arcade ! It is located on the left of Main Street.
Here, you can discover the story of the Statue of Liberty through three parts : the making of this symbol of the United States, a rotunda retracing the inauguration ceremony and finally, the third part, explaining how the statue acts as a symbol.

Discovery Arcade
Parallel to Liberty Arcade, on the right of Main Street, also alongside shops and restaurants, you can find Discovery Arcade. This covered street has the same advantages as the left side, and so, can be useful during rainy and cold periods.
Discovery Arcade is an exhibition about nineteeth century inventors in the United States. Many showcases reveal patents and other objects born in the inventive brains of these great men.

Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts
At the far end of Main Street USA, you can find Main Street's barber shop. Come and have your hair cut and/or shaved with the old techniques. The result will surely live up to your expectations !
Warning : the price is not included
in the entrance ticket.
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