The Attractions

Art Of Disney Animation
This attraction has been here ever since the park opened, in 2002. It takes you behind the scenes of your favourite Disney movies and shows you how animated pictures are done ! There are different rooms to explore and things to see.
And the best part is : you get to create your little animated picture too ! Dubbing, drawing, choosing sound will do everything a Disney creator does, which will give you a better understanding of the tremendous work that is necessary to give life to your favourite characters !

Flying Carpets Over Agrabah
This ride is pretty similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant (in Disneyland Park), but it displays « studio » themed additions : Genie is now a movie director, and cameras are recording you during your flight !
You are indeed part of an important scene from the movie Aladdin : the flight on a flying carpet ! A sunset decor is right behind you. Don't get too distracted, cameras are ready ! And...action !

Cars : Quatre Roues Rallye
This ride opened for Disneyland Paris's 15th anniversary in 2007 ! It is inspired by the movie Cars. It lets you drive one of their toy-like vehicles !
This ride is perfect for all children, fans of the movie or not. The cars rotate on themselves, just like the Mad Hatter's cups in the other park, so be ready for a dizzying kind of fun !

Crush's Coaster
Opened ever since the 15th anniversary of the park, Crush's Coaster takes you to the ocean. Try and face the East Australian Current while seating in a moving tortoise shell that can fully rotate on itself !
Even though it was built in Studio 5, this ride is not really part of the whole movie set theme. It is actually a very unique ride, and very popular too, which explains the long waiting line.

Toy Story Mission Parachute
This attraction is part of the Toy Story Playland mini-land, just like the two following ones. It opened in 2010 and was initially unique, but has since been replicated in other Disney parks.
Take a seat in one of Toy Story's green soldiers' parachutes. Warning : this ride is pretty high and can frighten some of the youngest guests !

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
Everybody knows Slinky, Woody's famous four-legged friend, from the Toy Story franchise. This ride lets you climb on Slinky while he chases after his own tail !
This ride is the first one you see when you enter Toy Story PlayLand, right behind the giant Buzz Lightyear. You can't miss it : there's a dog's bowl full of bones in the middle of the attraction !

RC Racer
This attraction opened in 2010, just like the two previous ones. The ride's base is a huge arc pointing to the sky, and you'll easily recognize the vehicle : it's RC Racer, Andy's fastest race car !
If you enjoy thrilling rides, this is a unique occasion for you to see the whole Walt Disney Studios Park, and especially Andy's garden !

Ratatouille : L'Attraction
It was the only thing every Disney lover talked about in 2014, and for a good reason : this is a unique ride in the international resort ! So come and take place in a rat-shaped vehicle to experience a breathtaking 3D adventure along with Remy and all his friends !
You will find this attraction in the Parisian disctrict of the park. It is marvelous to see. Take a few minutes to stroll around on Remy's square, you won't be disappointed. This attraction is truly a must-see !