Le Coffre Du Capitaine
There is a secret place at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean : Le Coffre du Capitaine (the Captain's Chest). Thousands of ruthless pirates hide their treasures there...
This shop sells various products approved by Jack Sparrow and his friends : swords, sabres, pirate costumes...let yourself be surpised by this rich treasure !

La Girafe Curieuse
Near Aladdin's « Passage Enchanté », there is a little Jeep : it shows you where the entrance of the shop is ! A desert merchant built it a long time ago. Raise your eyes and you'll see the famous giraffe which gave its name to this place !
Here you will find desert themed decorative items : mugs, tableware, African souvenirs...and baby products !

Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
Lost in the middle of the lush jungle, near the abandoned temple, two shop owners united to create the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost. Welcome to the most famous explorer's camping place!
Don't come back from your adventure empty handed : here you will find all sorts of plushies, toys, hats, and various souvenirs. This shop also sells Pins for the Pin Traders !

Temple Traders
Temple Traders is a small shop located right at the exit of Indiana Jones et Le Temple du Péril. This African themed shop will likely please young boys.
It is a true temple for Indiana Jones lovers. Children (and adults with a child's heart) will be delighted to find Indiana Jones costumes and figurines there !

Les Trésors de Sheherazade
Hidden in Agrabah's Palace, there is a small shop called Les Trésors de Shéhérazade. Its content will mainly please little girls, but its decoration would take anyone's breath away !
This shop, which is entirely dedicated to the Disney Princesses, sells a lot Princess themed items, such as dolls and costumes, but also figurines for the little boys.
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