Right next to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, there is a shop called Constellations. It is quite peculiar, as its window display hasn't been updated since...1992, when the park first opened ! The inside of the shop, however, has been renewed.
Ever since 2005, the shop only sells Toy Story products : toys, figurines, plushies (not always Toy Story ones by the way),etc ...

Lightspeed Photography
Light Speed Photography is located at the exit of HyperSpace Moutain. All guests can access it, even those who did not dare to take a hectic trip to the opposite of the universe.
Here, you'll find an ideal souvenir of your trip in HyperSpace Mountain ! Come here to get your picture ! There are many sizes and frames you can choose from. You will also find all sort of Space Moutain themed souvenirs and sweet treats...