World Of Disney
Welcome to World of Disney, the biggest souvenir shop in Disneyland Paris ! This shop, which opened in 2012 for the 20th anniversary of the resort, was made to make you feel like you are traveling the whole world in a few minutes only. Its Art Deco architecture is worth a few pictures !
At World of Disney, anyone can find a lovely souvenir to bring home. The store sells a mix of the best items you can find in the parks. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, your house, or a loved one, we bet you won't resist buying the ideal Disney item !

Disney Store
You cannot go to Disney Village and not spend a few minutes in the Disney Store ! This is the biggest Disney Store in Europe ! So go and enjoy its original theme and gorgeous scale models representing the most beautiful buildings in the Parks.
The Village's Disney Store also sells items from the two parks. Plushies, clothes, cards, toys...the perfect souvenir is waiting for you there !

Planet Hollywood Shop
Forget everything about boring daily life as you step into this magical place inspired by the beauty of cinema and television. Admire the beautiful collection of authentic costumes, replicas of movie accessories, and toys inspired by your favourite Disney movies.
But that's not all ! You will also find a variety of Planet Hollywood souvenirs, which is a perfect way to always remember the typical American tasty dishes you can enjoy in the restaurant right above the shop !

King Ludwig's Castle Shop
This shop, located right next to the entrance of the restaurant of the same name, is a true Bavarian architecture masterpiece. Shiny timber everywhere, Bavarian music, the overall ambiance will really take you back in time, when knights were still fighting for glory.
In this fairytale castle, you'll find hidden treasures such as scented candles provided by luxury brands, Paris themed souvenirs, vintage gifts and toy medieval knights.

The Disney Gallery
The Disney Gallery is the perfect shop for art amateurs and collectors. It's possible to visit the upper level, where you can admire various Disney paintings.
This shop also provides a service called « Disney Art on Demand », which offers the possibility to order attractions posters, lets you pick the supporting material as well as the frame, and finally delivers them at home !

Disney Fashion
Welcome to the kingdom of fashion « Made in Disney » ! In this big fashion shop, give some boost to your wardrobe or your house with some trendy and magical Disney items !
Printed clothes as well as a plethora of interesting accessories are waiting for you here, in all styles and sizes. If you are a fashionista, Disney Fashion is tailor-made for you !

Lego Store
This shop has been winning the hearts of many, many guests...welcome to the Lego Store ! Or as we like to call it, Lego Paradise ! Indeed, everything here is made out of the famous little plastic bricks...
In the latest shop in the Disney Village, you will find all sorts of Disney themed Lego items. You can also buy colourful bricks or show your creativity to the whole world at the building stand !

World Of Toys
At Disney Village, every shop has something that makes it special. World of Toys will surely be your children's favourite shop...indeed, this place is Toy heaven for little boys and girls !
Welcome to all the Princesses, Peter Pans, Fairies and young, adventurous explorers ! Hundreds of toys, beautiful costumes and accessories are waiting for you in this shiny shop whose decoration takes inspiration from « It's a small world ».

RainForest Café Shop
The Rainforest Café Shop competes with the restaurant for the title of most beautiful place ! Here, you will find various souvenirs to remember your tasty trip to the Amazonian Forest... well as all your adventures in the exotic zones of Disneyland ! Adorable plushies, gorgeous costumes and exotic sweets...we are sure you won't be able to resist !