Walt Disney Studios Store
Relive the emotions of the big screen while you stroll through this movie themed shop, which you'll find on the Frères Lumière main square. It is full of small Disney characters, collections, souvenirs, gifts, sugary goods and much more.
It is only fitting that this shop, inspired by the very famous Walt Disney himself, and all of the rewards he received during his career, can be found right next to the main entrance of the Walt Disney Studios. More than a shop, it is a precious little museum.

Studio Photo
Every single minute you spend in Disneyland Paris is worth a picture. Which is why you'll always find a special shop nearby, selling photos, frames, and offering a PhotoPass+ service.
This shop, which can be found on the Frères Lumière main square, is a true paradise for photagraphy amateurs ! Its numerous decorating items, such as old camera-shaped elements, will surely delight you !

Legends of Hollywood
Lights, camera, shopping ! Enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of Hollywood in this movie set inspired shop. There, you will find many gifts and souvenirs to remind you of your favourite Disney animated pictures. Movie lovers of all ages will be thrilled !
Raise your eyes and look for the best decoration ever : a good number of props which were actually used during the making of legendary movies, including the famous Herbie ! One of the five cars used for the movies can indeed be found in this very shop !