Tobias Norton & Sons - Frontier Traders
This is one of the three main shops of Thunder Mesa, and a proud member of Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building. The shop sells western costumes and toys for all ages !
This shop is a replica of a wooden cabin, a faithful tribute to old western style ! Step inside and you will find furs and shields from another frontier, the one in the North, that fascinated the trappers !

Eurêka Mining Supplies And Assay Offices
It's the second shop of the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building !
This shop, which sells wonderful collections of Far West themed souvenirs, has everything young cow-boys dream of ! Sweets, Toy Story plushies, and Frontierland themed it, they have it !

Bonanza Outfitters
Last but not least, Bonanza Outfitters is the third shop of the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building !
You are a true cow-boy but you also love quality clothes, shoes and accessories ? This shop combines your two passions ! Come and take a look at the wonders of the shop : beautiful leather jackets, belts decorated by hand, true cow-boy hats and trendy boots.

Big Thunder Mountain Photography
Wouldn't you like a picture to prove to your friends that you were brave enough to try the craziest ride in the whole Far West ? Come and get it here !
Go to Big Thunder Photographer and you might leave with a photo of your adventure ! The photos come in different sizes and their prices may vary. If you are unsure about the picture, know that you will also find various Frontierland themed souvenirs there !

Pueblo Trading Post
Near Pocahontas Indian Village, the playground, you will find Pueblo Trading Post, the best spot for Pin Traders to meet ! There are Pins to buy or to trade.
This shop's timetable is irregular.
Make sure you check its opening hours on the
resort's website beforehand :
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