Plaza East Boutique
Under an impressive ceiling decorated with « end of the century » drawings, and illuminated by old chandeliers, this stylish shop houses a magnificent collection of Disneyland Park's souvenirs, some accessories, toys and more.
This shop sells all sorts of accessories that will make your stay even more enjoyable, as well as a selection of souvenirs you could buy before leaving the park. It is ideally located at the Disneyland Park entrance.

Plaza West Boutique
Decorated with beautiful floral patterns and wooden ornaments, just like in the 1880's, this shop offers a variety of candies, sweets, clothes, accessories and toys for every young visitor of Disneyland Paris.
This shop sells all sorts of accessories that will make your stay even more enjoyable, as well as a selection of souvenirs you could buy before leaving the park. It is ideally located at the Disneyland Park entrance.

The Storybook Store
Re-discover the magic of many Disney movies in this quaint shop offering an impressive collection of books, movies and CDs in many languages, as well as adorable Duffy Teddy Bears.
Don’t forget to raise your head when you are in this shop. Indeed, you could see a mezzanine decorated with hundred of books – some dated from the 19th century – in the hands of curious Disney characters !

Bixby Babies
Classic, elegant, fun… Turn the clock backwards in this charming old shop to find the perfect and original accessory for you, or admire a nice clothing collection for babies and children.
You will also discover a very nice selection of old fashioned hats, or hats with Disney Characters on them !

Go back to the end of the last century, when department stores were gorgeously decorated. Find your golden slipper or the character you have always dreamed of in a collection of costumes, dolls and toys.
You have to know that this shop is a tribute to Walt Disney’s favourite toy store, when he lived in Marceline, Missouri, as a little boy. Indeed, Main Street is a reproduction of this city, as little Walt saw it !

New Century Notions - Flora's Unique Boutique
This beautiful Parisian Photography Shop takes inspiration from the victorian style : splendid stained glass windows, carved wood and souvenirs such as engravings, frames and a PhotoPass+ service.
Furthermore, this new shop is specialised in Seasonal Events of the Disneyland Park. You will find exclusive products in relation to the current Seasons in the Park. Tip : Pick up the phone and listen…

Board Walk Candy Palace
Please your children's palate in this confectionery temple, where you can find tasty candies in a thousand different colours… how creative and delicious ! From chocolate to caramel, through lollipops and even more, this place is a must see.
This shop, with its unique decoration, is a tribute to a city in the United States : maybe you've heard about Atlantic City and its famous « Salt water taffies »… Pay attention to the columns filled with sweets… According to you, why is one of them opaque ?

Disney Clothiers LTD
Come in the largest Disney closet you’ll ever see during your entire life, and discover engravings of clothing, accessories, fancy items and more. There are products for all generations !
Don’t hesitate to stroll in this shop and its thousands of nooks. You will probably be amazed by the extravagance and richness of some of the four rooms of this shop !

Main Street Motors
Do you want to find a garment or an accessory ? Go to this shop from another century on Main Street, just behind the gas pump, and discover every wonder that is hidden here. Many souvenirs are waiting for you.
In 1992, this shop, which represents a car garage, even sold vintage cars for collectors. Now, they have all been sold, but the original atmosphere is still in the air , thanks to many decorative elements.

Lilly's Boutique
What makes a home nice and cosy ? According to Lilly, it’s the small personal elements ! Colourful candle holders, pretty mugs or other original items… Everything is delicately decorated and inspired by your favourite Disney movies.
But, who is Lilly ? It was Walt Disney’s wife. This shop pays tribute to his wife through a great collection of original photographs as well as some decorative elements which actually previously belonged to Lilly herself…

Disney and Co.
Find your favourite Disney character in this old fashioned toy shop. Or choose a costume and play this character yourself ! Princess ? Mickey Mouse ? The choice range here is pretty impressive !
This is a true tribute to Walt Disney and his passion for sharing leisure time with family members, through activitie such as going to the fair. Look at the ceiling and the shelves… Everything will remind you of the 19th century fairs.

Harrington's Fine China And Porcelains
Above classical columns, a beautiful stained-glass dome acts as a showcase for this exquisite selection of decorative gifts, such as delicate art reproductions and magical snow globes.
A surprising feature is hidden in this splendid dome : if there are two of you, and each of you is placed on either side of the dome, you will be surprised to hear the other as if they were just next to you. Try it !

Roll-a-long Rentals
Between some trees, just next to the Main Street transport building, you can rent wheelchairs and strollers. This shop also sells miscellaneous Disney items as well as rain ponchos, drinks and candies.
Warning : Rent of strollers and wheelchairs is not included in the ticket price.
You can check the prices directly on site. These two services are also available at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios Park, with the same rental conditions.