The Disney Animation Gallery

Disney pictures which are beautiful, funny, and look almost alive...we know this is what guests love ! In this shop, you'll find amazing art collections of objects and rare sculptures, all representing hundreds of classical Disney characters.
Just like the rest of the Toy Story Playland zone, this shop also makes you feel as small as a toy. Indeed, Barrel of Monkeys can be found inside a giant toybox !
What's better that the Toy Story movies ? Well, Toy ! They're all here waiting for you : Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye….If you're looking for a very realistic looking souvenir, a plushie or any Toy Storytastic accessory, this game room is perfect for you !
This shop's opening hours are pretty irregular. But don't worry : everything it sells can aslo be found in other, bigger shops of the Walt Disney Studios Park.
This kiosk offers all kinds of « studio » themed souvenirs, as well as Pixar plushies, and even a few treats...
This shop can be found at the exit of Art of Disney Animation, into Mickey's giant magician's hat. One can't get enough of its celestial arc that pays tribute to Mickey !
Barrel of Monkeys
Animagique Theater Kiosk


Come and get a look at this magnificent shop, whose architecture is inspired by Parisian shops from the 19th century. Take your time, admire the stained-glass dome or amazing woodworks. Gorgeous !
This Art deco style shop is alive with the magic of Paris ! It is full of exquisite souvenirs inspired by the Disney Pixar movie Ratatouille as well as delicious French treats.

Chez Marianne, Souvenirs De Paris
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