Disney Village

When the gates of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios are closed, there is still a place where the Disney magic is alive, and it lasts until late at night ! A unique, entertaining place which is free for all !

Disney Village is the place to be in order to perfectly end a day at Disneyland. Shops, restaurants, concerts, shows, and many more sources of entertainment are waiting for you there...be ready to party all night long !

But that's not all : Disney Village also hosts seasonal events in relation to those which are organized in the parks, such as Christmas markets or Saint Patrick's day festivities...There is always something to see or to do in Disney Village !

We invite you to discover more about this leisure district made in Disney !

Ladies, gentlemen, and children, welcome to Disney Village ! To view the map, click here :

       Catering/Diner              Shops                           Shows                     Entertainment

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