Le PanoraMagique
Would you like to see the whole Parisian resort at once ? It is now possible, thanks to this attraction located in Disney Village. Welcome to Panoramagique, the biggest tethered balloon in the world !
Once you are aboard the balloon, get ready for a unique experience as you slowly climb up to 100 meters high ! Up there, you can easily see all of Disneyland Paris, and if the weather allows it, you might even catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower !
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Gaumont Cinémas Complex et Imax
With 15 giant screens and the last audio technology available, the Gaumont Cinema Complex is the perfect place to either lay comfortably in a seat or hold your breath excitedly as you enjoy the best of contemporary cinema.
In the Gaumont Cinema Complex, there is a 3D Imax movie theatre, whose giant flat screen happens to be the biggest in France ! This movie theatre is equipped with all the latest technology, which makes it the ideal place to enjoy 3D movies. It is not just a cinema, it's a unique experience !

Le Stadium
Join fellow gamers at the Stadium, in Disney Village, full of arcade games and Elysium games, where entertainment is an art ! Have fun as you discover, or maybe rediscover, retro video games and some contemporary ones as well.
Everyone, at any age, will find something to entertain themselves here : classic arcade games, simulators, sport challenges, dance games and many more ! You need to pay to play, so make sure you have coins. The prices can be found directly at the Stadium.

La Marina
Every summer, the Lake of the Disney Village and its surroundings are turned into a true seaside resort. La Marina is the best place to relax between friends or with your family...
Sail on the lake with a row boat or a pedal boat, go on a bike tour with the « Rosalies », or enjoy an athletic walk around...move around any way you'd like ! These activities are not free. The prices can be found directly at the Village.

WebRadio en ligne Disney Village
Enjoy the Disney Village...at home !
Listen to great hits, event announcements,
and music shows, live and 24/7 !
Welcome to the musical universe of the Disney Village !
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Programme Disney Village
All year long, Disney Village makes sure to keep you entertained with lots of concerts, seasonal events, and much more...it is the ideal place to enjoy the magic of Disney for free !
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