Disney's Hotels


Disneyland Paris isn't just a simple amusement park, but a true touristic destination. That's the reason why we use the American term ''Resort''.

In order to enjoy a complete magical experience, you can choose one of the seven Disney Hotels in the Resort. None of them is ordinary, as each hotel represents a part of the USA. From US National Parks to New-England, passing by the arid lands of New-Mexico, we hope that there is a Hotel which matches your taste, your budget and your desire to travel !

For it is indeed an extraordinary trip that Disneyland Paris' Hotels provide !

One, two, three nights and more, you will find many activities to complete your trip to the Parks : swiming pools, spas, fitness rooms, tennis courts and much more !

So don't wait, choose your Disney Hotel, and your favourite website, Wonderful Disneyland, will offer you the very special privilege of traveling from your chair !

By clicking here you can discover the map of the Disney Hotels. Enjoy your trip !