Disney Illuminations
A day (or a few days!) in Disneyland Paris needs to end beautifully, so we highly recommend Disney Illuminations ! A unique and spectacular show that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Parisian Resort !
Follow the adventures of Mickey Mouse as he relives the most beautiful Disney stories, retold through water displays, mapping, X-rays, various projections, flame jets, symphonic music and fireworks...and a breathtaking finale !
Mickey présente : Joyeux Anniversaire Disneyland Paris

This year, Mickey and his friends will be on stage, wearing shiny costumes, to properly celebrate Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary in a fabulous show !
You'll be delighted to find Alice, the Mad Hatter, Chip and Dale, Goofy and Max, Woody and Buzz Lightyear all together to wish a happy anniversary to this very, very special Resort.

Jedi Training Academy -Vidéopolis
Here is a good opportunity to surprise your children with something new in Disneyland Paris : help them make wonderful memories with the heroes of the Star Wars franchise. This unique interactive experience is also a brand new show for the whole family at Discoveryland...
The Jedi Training Academy awaits young Padawans (7 to 12 years old), who will be trained by the Jedi Master. Beware ! Darth Vader and his Stromtroopers roam around... may the Force be with you ! It is mandatory to book beforehand. More information here :

Frozen Sing-along - Chaparral Stage
Gracefully moving in a gorgeous ice setting, Queen Elsa and her friends are waiting for you, so that you can all take part in this beautiful, interactive show ! Here, at the heart of Frontierland, you will finally be able to sing, with the Queen herself, your favourite songs from the movie Frozen !
Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf himself, as well as a lot of actors and dancers, will all do their best to warm your heart with this brand new show ! But speaking of warmth might be strange, since the best part of this show is of course its beautiful finale : Elsa's spectacular entrance, surrounded by pretty snow, singing her famous song !

La Forêt de l'Enchantement
A new musical adventure in Disney, how...natural ! From the 10th of February and then on, let yourself be taken away by the magic of spring. At the corner of a magical glade, the Enchanted Forest is full of surprises...
Follow the rythm of catchy songs and colourful dancing characters such as Baloo, Rapunzel, Merida, Tarzan or Pocahontas. An unforgettable moment for the whole family...

Mickey et le Magicien
In studio number 3, Animagique Theater displays a wonderful show with a lot of special effects and magic tricks ! Thanks to Mickey and the Magician, you will feel as though you are living in Disney animated pictures ! More information here
A Magician asked Mickey to take care of his workshop, but a lot of things will happen there, and Mickey's dream to become a Magician himself will come true ! Imagine the excitement of an adventure such as Mickey's, gathering Genie, Cinderella and Lady Tremaine, Beauty and the Beast or the wise Rafiki...

L'Etincelante Valse des Princesses
Glitter and Romance seem to be the motto of this magical show, displayed near the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, that celebrates Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary !
Aurora, Philip, Belle and Adam, Ariel and Eric, as well as all the other royal couples cordially invite you to join them for a fairytale-like ball that is sure to put stars in your eyes...

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