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Planet Hollywood
Climb the stairs up to the iconic blue planet and enjoy an American menu in a beautiful decor that acts as a reminder of legendary movies. Three levels of Hollywood costumes and accessories will keep you company during your meal.
As you enjoy traditional American dishes, look up to the starry sky of this planetarium or move your body in front of the many screens that constantly display videoclips.

Come inside this authentic American diner where waiters spin around on rollerblades ! Here, the flashy decoration is a perfect reminder of some famous American movies, and just like in the movies, you will be able to enjoy some rock'n'roll coming from a juke box …
This place's specialties ? Well it's giant burgers and delicious milk shakes of course ! Choose your menu carefully : if you manage to empty your plate, the dessert is on the house ! Which one of you will challenge their own stomach to a tasty duel ? Warning : some conditions apply to this offer.
Annette's Diner

King Ludwig's Castle
This place's romantic atmosphere will make you go back to a time when beautiful castles were built to pay tribute to medieval myths. Indeed, this restaurant takes inspiration from King Ludwig II and his love for exuberance.
You are cordially invited to a royal banquet, where you will be served hamburgers, sausages and delicious chocolate desserts that came straight from Germany. Adults will even get to refresh their palate with beer from König Ludwig.

La Grange et Billy Bob's
A feast awaits you in this authentic Far West saloon. La Grange à Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon was built in a typical western fashion, decorated with barrels, deer antlers and pictures of the badlands. This place truly comes to life thanks to the bar's orchestra.
But the most appealing part of this place is probably its rich menu, offering delicious pieces of meat, fish, vegetables and desserts. Since La Grange à Billy Bob's is extremely successful, we highly recommend that you make a reservation beforehand.

The SteakHouse
This jazzy restaurant looks like it came straight from Chicago in the 50s to welcome the guests who have the biggest stomach ! It is a pleasant replica of famous theathers and private clubs from the city of winds.
At the Steakhouse, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some grilled meat (the American way!) with vegetables, served on typical platters. Since this restaurant is extremely successful, we highly recommend that you make a reservation beforehand.

New-York Style Sandwiches
Take a break in this authentic grocery store from Manhattan to enjoy some warm or cold sandwiches, or delicious salads, and to choose from its many desserts. Friendly for all types of budgets and ideal for takeaway.
Enjoy warm or cold paninis, pizzas, small sandwiches you could eat standing or in the salad bar, and take some time to admire the Broadway souvenirs and the pretty mirrors that cover the walls of this New Yorker restaurant.
Café Mickey
In this café, you will have very special company : Mickey, Minnie and all their friends will be by your side as you enjoy some pizza, pasta, desserts and many more international dishes. A truly magical moment that the youngest guests will never forget !
Enjoy Chef Mickey's special meals, surrounded by the mouse's friends, in this Italian American restaurant by the Disney Lake. Make this experience even more magical thanks to its terrace, which provides a panoramic view. We recommend making a reservation beforehand !


RainForest Café
Explorers, gather around ! Come here if you dare, in the deepest part of the Amazonian Rainforest, to dine with animated animals around you, as the sound of sudden rain and thunder startles even the bravest ones of you !
You will feel both close to home and really, really far away in this restaurant which serves both traditional and brand new American meals that are sure to please the whole family. Choose your seat and make a reservation !

Earl Of Sandwichs
Step into the Fourth Earl of Sandwich's library to have a taste of the best warm sandwiches in the world as you enjoy a nice view on Lake Disney. Whether you order an entire menu or a single sandwich, we promise your wallet won't suffer !
Lately, at Earl of Sandwich, there has been a new selection of warm sandwiches ! No one could possibly be disappointed with these family friendly recipes, delicious warm bread, and a selection of very tasty pieces of meat, cheese, vegetables and gravy !

Mc Donald's
Step through the famous yellow arches and come enjoy some hamburgers, French fries and other well known dishes in one of the biggest Mc Donald's restaurant in the country.
Feel like having a snack ? Go to Mc Donald's. The choice will be easy, anyone can find something here ! Make a quick choice among the famous menus then go back to your Disney adventure.

Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon
Make sure your boots are shiny and then go to Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon to enjoy some good beer, fresh drinks and spicy nachos. Be ready for a party in this authentic western saloon and its concert hall.
Once you've pushed the saloon's swinging doors, mount a stool and mix in with the local cow boys, or join the dancefloor and move your hips on some good music. Yeehaaa !

Starbuck's Coffee
The first one in Europe ! Come and relax at Starbucks Coffee, the first eco-responsible coffee shop in Europe, which found a nice place at the heart of Disney Village !
Here, the baristas will help choose among the best coffees and teas in the whole world, which you can either enjoy inside or take away with you. There is also a snack menu available at all times of the day...ideal for a nice break !

Sports Bar
Here, hungry sports fans can enjoy some hot-dogs, French fries or chicken nuggets while they watch sport events and games on a huge screen, surrounded by like-minded, enthusiastic people !
Sports fans will have a very good time in this traditional American sports bar. You get to sit comfortably on the terraces or attend free sports events all year long around the bar !


Pause & Play

Welcome to the temple of Coca-Cola worshippers ! Here, fans of the famous brand will find every sort of Coca Cola on the market. Take a seat on the terrace and relax !
In this very same place, which is located near Disney Village's exit, you will be able to try the brand's newborn baby : Coca Cola Life. We wonder whether you will like it or'll be one of the first fans to give it approval !


Looks like Disney Village is getting a makeover ! Indeed, the village is welcoming a brand new restaurant called Vapiano. Food lovers and gourmets will be served some Mediterranean dishes, namely Italian food.
In this warm and natural ambiance, you will be lucky enough to watch the dishes you ordered be prepared right in front of you, made out of fresh ingredients coming daily in the restaurant !

Five Guys

Disney Village is renewing itself ! This new restaurant just opened ! It mostly serves burgers but they have a special something that makes them better and more authentic than any other burger you've ever eaten...
All the burgers are made of fresh ingredients only, which enables the cooks to create their own variety of burgers. Will you let yourself be tempted by a hot dog, a milkshake or a delicious burger ?
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