Restaurant Agrabah Cafe
Welcome at the heart of Agrabah's Bazaar, in the small streets where Aladdin and its pet monkey Abu met the kind-hearted princess Jasmine. Jump off your flying carpet and step inside a whole new world !
The warm ambiance of this town's bazaar can also be found in the restaurant. The food there is inspired by dishes from the Mediterranean region...sun and smiles are the motto !

Obviously inspired by Disney's masterpiece, The Lion King, the Hakuna Matata restaurant is in the heart of a typical African village, not far from Adventure Isle.
This restaurant has a warm ambiance, created by its sand coloured walls, its beautiful African decorations and its thatched roof. It offers African dishes with lots of rice, kebabs and salads. Hakuna Matata !
Hakuna Matata Restaurant

Cool Post
Right across the mysterious wilderness that surrounds the Robinson's family hut, you will find this small fast food restaurant, which is an ideal stop after a hike in the Hut or on Adventure Isle's hanging bridge.
Take a minute to cool down and enjoy a few treats before you go to your next adventure. And if you really can't stay still, then grab a bag of pop-corn to go !
Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost
This restaurant was named after the leader of the elephants in The Jungle Book. It is near « la Cabane des Robinson », and an ideal spot to meet tons of Disney characters !
The British colonial style is unsurpising, yet the food is actually Italian (pizzas, pastas, ice creams...) !

Blue Lagoon Restaurant
As you enjoy seafood and Creole cuisine, you will hear canons and waves in the distance, reminding you that pirates are always nearby. What a great way to travel through time and space, and escape reality !
This gorgeous restaurant is actually inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction ! Palm trees and tropical plants, white sand, and a perfect view on the boats coming through the ride...forget about France, welcome to the Caribbean !

Near Adventureland's Bazaar and Captain Hook's Galleon, at the heart of the African village, stands a thatched roofed shack that looks like Cool Post.
It sells the same products as Cool Post too : various delicious treats and refreshing drinks. It is an ideal spot to renew your energy for your next adventure !
Café De La Brousse


Le Comptoir Du Capitaine
This small kiosk surrounded by barrels can be found near the entrance of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. That's the place to be for thirsty pirates !
Indeed, sailing the dangerous waters of the Caribbean makes any explorer hungry...which is why here, at any time of the day, you'll find hot-dogs and all sorts of drinks (from sodas to water bottles).
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