L'auberge De Cendrillon
Let yourself be taken away by the amazing taste of traditional French gastronomy, that would make the most elegant gourmet restaurants jealous, in a beautiful setting inspired by Walt Disney's famous masterpiece.
You will be joined by a very special guest, Cinderella herself, and her mice friends Perla and Suzy, as well as other princesses (Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Tiana or Rapunzel) and their beloved princes, for an unforgettable lunch !

Take a well deserved break in this Bavarian inspired restaurant. Keep your eyes wide open, as there are many interesting elements to spot. Indeed, numerous elements from the world of Pinocchio, Walt Disney's famous wooden puppet, make this place very special !
This gorgeous restaurant, which kind of looks like Geppetto's workshop, and where you can listen to songs from the movie, sells chicken based dishes, hamburgers, and Bavarian specialties.
Au Chalet De La Marionnette
Toad Hall Restaurant
Here, you will eat tradional English food, such as fish'n'chips, delicious and original hambugers with fish, and typical English desserts.
Inspired by an animated picture which is not very well known, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad , this elegant restaurant represents Mr Toad's house, a typical house from the British countryside.

March Hare Refreshment
At the heart of Wonderland, close to Alice's Labyrinth and its photo counter, the Mad Hatter's friend, the March Hare, settled its house.
Just like them, you can celebrate your unbirthday next to the huge teapot which sometimes lets the Dormouse loose, and enjoy some good pasta. Tea is ready !

The Old Mill
Choose your snack ! There are various paninis, chips, refreshing drinks, and a lot of desserts (fruit salads, brioche, sweet flavoured ice creams...) at any time of the day !
Far away in Fantasyland, near the Pays des Contes de fées, there is an old Dutch mill in which a little snack place was built. Take a few minutes to observe this beautiful mill.


The Enchanted Tree
Near the Carrousel de Lancelot and the Auberge de Cendrillon, there is a mysterious tree, which never loses its flowers, and always has a lot of beautiful apples on its branches. Lucky you, you found the Enchanted Tree !
The little house next to this intriguing tree sells products that were made with the sweet treasures of the tree. This means you can buy a lot of snacks and sweets...Yummy !
Fantasia Gelati
In Fantasyland's Italian district, this cute ice cream parlor, inspired by the « Pastoral Symphony » scene in Fantasia, becomes a paradise when you have a dessert craving !
Fantasia Gelati sells all sorts of ice creams with all sorts of perfumes...there are many possibilities to make your romantic stroll or your family time really sweet and perfect !

Pizzeria Bella Notte
Right across the Parade road, this gorgeous Italian restaurant is inpired by one of Walt Disney's most beautiful love stories, Lady and The Tramp (the restaurant is named after one of the songs from the movie).
Just like Lady and the Tramp, come here to enjoy some traditional Italian pasta in this enchanting and romantic setting, or one of the numerous pizzas this place has to offer !

Whistle while you work - Snow White and the seven dwarfs - Disney