The Lucky Nugget Saloon
The story of this saloon is now legendary. The founder of this restaurant, Miss Diamond Li, found some nugget-shaped gold, which gave its name to the Lucky Nugget Saloon. This restaurant is a faithful replica of saloons from the Gold Rush era !
Come enjoy some delicious burgers or Tex-Mex dishes while puppeteers entertain you with puppet shows ! Woody, Mickey, and many other characters will sing the story of don't want to miss this !

The Last Chance Café is the favourite meeting spot of outlaws ! It might be your one last chance to experience some thrilling adventures full of mysteries in Thunder Mesa !
Take a seat between « Wanted » posters and saddles, and illegally enjoy some Tex-Mex dishes such as fajitas or chili con carne like a true bandito !
Last Chance Cafe
Silver Spur SteakHouse
This restaurant is the kingdom of barbecue ! The chefs cook the meat right in front of you, letting you enjoy its appealing smell before you get to devour good food, fresh out of the oven...come here for at least one meal, we promise you won't regret it !
This kind of place used to be for men only, but women are welcome in this restaurant full of cow-boy hats and boots. People of Thunder Mesa often meet there !

Fuente Del Oro Restaurante
The Fuente del Oro Restaurante is a reference to the dominating presence of Mexican people in the South West of the USA. Its colourful and relaxing ambiance is very typical of what could be found there during the Far West era.
In this beautiful Mexican place, you will unsurprisingly find traditionnal Tex-Mex dishes. If you love spices, sun and smiles, this restaurant is made for you !

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue
Let country music guide your feet as you dance with your loved ones ! Don't forget to take a break to enjoy delicious meals, such as chicken based dishes, or good old burgers.
One of the biggest restaurants of the Parisian resort can be found near Critter Coral. Come and dine with friends or your family in this lovely, homey ambiance inspired by old Far West farms !

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