Catering / Diner

Cable Car Bake Shop
Let yourself be carried away to the old San Francisco atmosphere thanks to the smell of freshly baked pastries that fills this traditional bakery of the United States! This place is located on your right in Main Street!
This restaurant sells sandwiches and pastries to take away. It is possible to have a coffee at Cable Car Bake Shop, which is a nice break for guests between two attractions and three shops!

Market House Deli
In this restaurant, discover the atmosphere of New York at the beginning of the 20th century. Its magnificent facade is nothing compared to the interior, where a typical New Yorker grocery store was recreated.
This restaurant sells hot or cold giant sandwiches, salads, small snacks and pastries. Like everything in the Big Apple, all these products are in XXL size!

Walt's - An American Restaurant
As the name suggests, this restaurant honors Walt Disney and his creative genius. On the walls, you can admire images which illustrate this wonderful man's work. The restaurant's rooms are painted in the colors of Disneyland's five lands.
Walt's - An American Dream is a high class restaurant with table service. Enjoy a delicious meal cooked in the purest American tradition, as you sit comfortably in one of the restaurant's six dining rooms.

Casey's Corner
This restaurant is located at the very end of Main Street, on the left, and provides a magnificent view of Central Plaza and the Sleeping beauty's Castle. Its terrace is oriented towards the castle.
This restaurant honors baseball, a popular sport on the other side of the Atlantic. You can enjoy a hot dog or a small snack in an ideal setting. There is a photo point with Disney Characters nearby.

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour
The restaurant, with typical tiles, is entirely devoted to ice-creams, which is so pleasant on hot days. It was named after Charles Dana Gibson, a famous American ice cream maker.
Many flavors are available in this restaurant, whose main partner is "Ben & Jerry's", the famous ice cream brand. You can enjoy your ice cream all over the park, except in attractions and queues.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant
Decorated in the purest Victorian tradition, this restaurant with a serene atmosphere has a family friendly environment, because it represents a typical guesthouse from the end of the 19th century.
This restaurant sells sandwiches and croque-monsieurs cooked in enormous ovens. It isn’t far from Central Plaza and at the exit, you can find a photo point with Disney Characters !

Plaza Gardens Restaurant
Refinement is a requirement in this restaurant with a magnificent green and pink interior, in which you can find the elegance and splendor which characterizes the Victorian era.
At Plaza Gardens Restaurant, enjoy a varied buffet of starters, dishes and desserts. Due to its success, we encourage you to book in advance (as you should do for most restaurants of this kind).

Cookie Kitchen
This intimate stall is a real Ali Baba’s cave for all visitors looking for new flavors. If you like delicious little snacks with a special and recognizable smell, Cookie Kitchen is for you!
As its name indicates, this small restaurant sells a selection of cookies, but also equally delicious treats, such as donuts, pastries and muffins, to enjoy on site or take away with you.

The Ice Cream Company
In Main Street, we love ice cream! The Ice Cream Company is the second restaurant of its kind in the land, but it does not matter, as there is no such thing as too much ice cream ! The small size of the front store makes it an intimate place, ideal for families!
The restaurant sells Miko ice-creams, so you'll find a whole selection of ice creams, with a thousand flavors. Just have a little imagination and the ice cream of your dreams could come from nowhere, as if by magic, and land in front of you right in this place!

The Coffee Grinder
Hidden away at the back of a Main Street lane, very close to Discovery Arcade, it’s a dream place for all coffee fans. This small café, sponsored by Nescafé, will live up to all your expectations!
Freshly ground coffee, succulent desserts, teas from around the world, delicious cookies, take a dreamy breakfast in the heart of magic !

Main Street Deliveries
Stranges vehicles, similar to the Main Street Vehicles that sometimes stride across Main Street USA, await you in different places of the street. Succumb to a small, well deserved snack after a shopping trip along the street !
Inevitably, you’ll find what you are looking for, as these vehicles offer an impressive choice of drinks: Coca Cola, Ice Tea, Orangina, find your little guilty pleasure !