Restaurant Des Stars
Right across Armageddon, the « Restaurant des Stars » awaits you ! Hurry up and join the biggest movie stars in this restaurant, which is decorated with portraits of cinema icons.
Once your table is ready, you'll be able to load your plate at will at the buffet, and choose delicious meals, among which you'll find typically French dishes ! As this restaurant is very popular, we encourage you to make reservations beforehand.

Kool Zone
As you stroll through the park, near the main square, you may find something that looks like an orange travel trailer. Its name is Kool Zone, and it's the perfect place to rest between two shows.
Kool Zone is sponsored by Fanta, which means you'll find a variety of their sodas there. The trailer also offers various ice creams (ice lollies, sorbet, scoops of other perfumes, etc...). The choice is yours !

Terrasse Hollywood And Lime
At the foot of the terrifying Tower of Terror, you'll find a white and green travel trailer, which will be very welcome once you come back from your journey to the Fourth Dimension, or to give you courage before you enter the Tower !
Just like the Kool Zone trailer, the « Terrasse Hollywood and Lime » offers quick service. Here you can enjoy some warm or cool sandwiches as well as various drinks.
Café/Cafes lets you choose your type of coffee, topping and extras. You can also enjoy some salads, or sweet treats such as muffins.
Not far from the Restaurant des Stars, the Café/Cafes is a unique place. You'll probably be drawn to its circular shape. And this would be a good thing, as this is an ideal place for a coffee break !