Le Bistrot Chez Rémy
Opened since July 2014, le Bistrot chez Rémy is inspired by Pixar's masterpiece, Ratatouille. Come and take a seat in a wonderful decor that pays a beautiful tribute to the movie, and find out what French gourmet gastronomy tastes like !
For instance, you can enjoy one of the best pieces of beef with Remy's famous ratatouille and a plethora of delicious desserts, surrounded by giant cutlery and cocktail umbrellas ! This restaurant has excellent rat-ings !

Toon Studio Catering Co.
Toon Studio Catering Co. is actually a group of two foodtrucks. The first one can be found right next to Art of Disney Animation. This truck, which you can see on the picture near the description, offers a lot of treats and drinks.
The second truck is parked near the Cars ride, and offers some ice cream. It is pretty easy to spot thanks to the big chocolate Miko Magnum on its roof.